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Stephanie Saves Money With U-Fill

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Our client Stephanie did some research on how much money she would save with the U-Fill.

I have to say we were pretty pleased with the results. 

She did 3 healthy recipes for her 2 boys and here are her results.

U-Fill Snack Pack Calculations

2 Kroger Sweet Potato=$1.12

Peeled, cooked, and pureed made 24 oz of sweet potatoes

That fills up 6 U fill snack Packs making each pack $.19 or $.04 cents per ounce!

A pack of squeezable sweet potatoes at the store is $1.40 for 3.2 ounces. Making each ounce $.50!

1 Butternut Squash =$2.00

Peeled and cooked and pureed made 26 ounces of squash

That fills up more than 6 U full snack packs…even more if I add applesauce for a fruit veggie Blend.

The squash is $.08 cents per ounce instead of the store selling it for $.50 cents per ounce!

1 Container of all natural organic Applesauce =2.12

This contains 46 ounces. Each ounce is $.05! That container will allow me to fill 11 Ufill snack Packs!

I can fill a Ufill Snack pack for $.20 vs. purchasing on for $1.30 for less at the store.

On average I save 10x the amount I Would have spent at the store simply using Ufill Snack Packs

Things Stephanie loves to put in the U-Fills:

Rice Cereal




Pureed Baby Food

Simplifying Meal on the go

She Washes U-fill Snack Packs in the Sink with her bottles. Let them Dry on the Bottle Dryer.

Lucas and Dominic enjoying the snacks their mommy made them.

Big thank you to Stephanie from everyone at U-Fill for all the great info on savings and adorable photos.

You Rock at U-Fill.

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