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Homemade Applesauce

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Cooking with your children can be a very rewarding experience. Since my family is now U-Fill Snack Pack users, I thought it would be fun to do at least one cooking project with my son a week. Last week we made organic cinnamon applesauce. It was so good; much better than any applesauce I had ever bought from the store. Plus it was so simple and fun to make. The time spent was valuable time with my son teaching him how important it is to eat healthy. If you haven't cooked with your children, I encourage you to do so. The time together makes for great memories with your little ones. The recipe I used was very simple. I prefer organic products. You can use whatever products you prefer.

9 organic apples (3 gala, 3 granny smith and 3 red delicious)
Organic apple juice
Organic cinnamon
Organic sugar
U-Fill Snack Packs Reusable Refillable Baby Food Pouches
Slice the apples and put them in a large pot with about an inch of apple juice in the bottom of the pot. Bring apple juice to a boil. Once it starts to boil turn heat down to about medium and cook for 30 to 45 min. Once the apple slices are mushy enough to easily remove the skins, it is time to remove from heat. Remove peels and put apples in a blender or food processor. I mixed for about 10 seconds. That was all they needed to turn into the consistency I wanted. Now place blended apples back in pot on low heat and sweeten to liking. I used 3 tbsp. of sugar and probably a tsp. of cinnamon. Once you have completed the applesauce, fill your U-Fill Snack Packs (about 5 to 7 pouches depending on how much you put in the 4 oz. pouch). Finally place in refrigerator to chill. Remember once U-Fill Snack Packs are used, you can either wash with warm water and soap or place on the top rack of your dishwasher. Then you can reuse them once dry.
You cannot go wrong with this recipe. My son absolutely loved the time together cooking and eating. My husband loved it too. I caught him putting the applesauce on his waffles instead of syrup. Enjoy!


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